After a day on the water and an evening in the boathouse is it nice with a bed closeby. We do not have any standardized rooms with Pay TV, minibars and similar paintings above the bed. If you wish to spend the night, you may have to share a room or bathroom in one of the neighbouring houses, you may have to listen to creaks in the wooden floors, perhaps even see a ghost or two – so the stories go. On the other hand, you will get the silence, the sunsets and that special feeling of waking up to the bickering seagulls or the thumping of a fishing boat. But if you cannot live without TV and minibars so is probably not Hälleviksstrand anything for you. There are of course a number of nice and warm recommendable accommodation facilities in the area.

These are a few of them in Hälleviksstrand:
Apartments in Hälleviksstrand, Contact Marianne Beijer for more info, marianne.beyer @
An apartment in the newly developed area on the hill top, info on
Lägenhet i Hälleviksstrand, Landsvägen 13 kontakta Länk till visning av lägenheten.

Other residents in the area:
Hotel Käringön hotel with conference facilities in beautiful Käringön. Info

The Glader family on Käringön
The family has a long history of letting rooms, since the early nineteenth century. Our grandparents brought guests from the mainland that wished to enjoy the Island for a longer period.

Mollösunds Wärdshus dating from the 1800s is a unique hotel with restaurant facilities on the West Coast, located on the far southwestern tip of Orust. “

Lådfabriken in Edshultshall bed and breakfast – On the cliffs and at the ocean
Hostels Troll lobster, the hostel is located right in the harbour at Skeppersholme, Käringön.

Stephan Käring Hotel, Located on Käringön / Skeppersholme with a fantastic location near the harbour and ocean. The hotel is newly built with comfortable, beautiful and tasteful decor.

Prästgårdens Guesthouse & Hostel, Newly started hostels and guest houses in the Old Vicarage in Mollosund. The guest houses have either family or double rooms, there is also a cottage in the yard. Info

Café Emma, A small genuine hostel where all the rooms have great views of the harbour and ocean. It is allergy-proof and smoking is not allowed. Pets will have to stay at home. Conference facilities. Info

Hostels Tofta Farm, Tofta Farm Hostel and Conference centre dates back to the 1700s, and is located 1 km from the fishing village. Info

Gullholmsbaden Gullholmen, Bohus county’s oldest fishing village, with a bridge connecting to Härmanö where Gullholm Baden is located. Gullholmsbadens cabins have a common main building and 69 cottages. Info

Nösunds Inn & Orangery, Nösund is a small coastal community between rocky outcrops on the southwestern Orust. It is protected by Lyresund, nearby to the west, is the open ocean. Info

Nösundsgården – Hostel with high standards. A total of 24 beds 2,3 or 4-bedded room. Info